Class Descriptions

Ever-Present Flow (Online – Live on Zoom)  Embody the present moment through an energetic posture flow linking breath with movement to creating flexibility and strength while cultivating a sense of calmness, contentment, and present moment awareness.

Ever-Present Stretch (Online – Live on Zoom)  Let’s find ourselves ever-present as we stretch, lengthen, and open during this practice combining breath awareness with an in-depth look at the poses. We’ll explore the BRFWA technique (Breathe, Relax, Feel, Watch, & Allow) as a strategy to become present in our life both on and off the yoga mat. As we witness the flow of energy, sensations, and thoughts we’ll create peace, clarity, and an ease to both body and mind.  With practice, and trust in our inner guide, becoming present will become second nature, and a great place to be!

Prenatal Yoga (Online – Live on Zoom)  You will be guided through a series of postures linking breath with movement bringing awareness to both mother and child and the beautiful changes happening in your body. Preparing to give birth actively and instinctively, we will build trust in the body’s wisdom while bringing forth a sense of calmness, confidence and focus.

Prenatal yoga helps alleviate some of the common discomforts of pregnancy: fatigue, lower back pain, leg cramps, upper back and shoulder tightness, sciatica, nausea, and indigestion. The poses strengthen and open the body for birth, keeping the muscles strong and toned, yet flexible. Modifications are available to suit each pregnancy stage adjusting to how your body feels week to week.

Take this opportunity to recharge, reenergize while connecting with your baby and your intuition, which will guide you on the amazing path into motherhood.

“You relax naturally & easily. You trust your body & your mind. Moment by moment you know exactly what to do.” -Class Affirmation

To read more, please click here – J.Block’s Prenatal Yoga Article

Baby & Me Yoga (Online – Live on Zoom)  A caregiver or mom (6-weeks postpartum who have been cleared by their health care provider) focused class with babies joining in.

Join us to create a community of caregivers while enjoying special bonding time with your baby. Through breathwork and rejuvenating yoga poses we will connect to our ever-changing bodies, strengthen our core, and recharge from fatigue! Your baby is welcome to eat, nap, play with toys and share in some baby & me yoga poses. Please bring a blanket for them to use while on your mat and feel free to bring your car seat carrier. You will be in a well-supported environment so please do not worry if your baby cries or is fussy. Our practice does not require for the environment to be perfect but invites the skill of accepting things just as they are in the present moment.

By the end of class we’ll look for the babies to be just as blissed-out as us!

Yoga for Kids (ages 3-5, currently not being offered, stay tuned!)  Yoga has many benefits for children including enhancing their flexibility, strength, and coordination.  It helps develop a sense of calmness and present moment awareness while nurturing self-esteem and focus.  In this fun-filled class we will practice yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.  In addition, we will playfully explore our yoga practice through games, music, and art.

Chair Yoga (Online – Live on Zoom)  Enjoy the benefits of yoga while practicing with confidence in this accessible class which uses a chair to support the poses.  Feel your energy renewed and revitalized as we combine breath awareness with movement to enhance flexibility, strength, and balance.  This nurturing practice will also help create focus, clarity, and an overall sense of ease.  

Ever-Present at the Park (In-Person) We’ll observe the flow of energy, sensations, and thoughts to release tension bringing forth an overall sense ease.  In this breath-based class, breath linked with movement will enhance flexibility and strength, while creating clarity, focus, and present moment awareness.  This combination will help balance our mind/body energy, leading us to feel reconnected, rejuvenated, and present!  Social distancing guidelines in effect, participants must remain minimum 6 feet apart at all times.  Please bring your own mat and props.