Ever-Present Yoga Policies
If this is your first class with Ever-Present Yoga, a signed waiver must be completed before arriving to an online or in-person class by clicking here:


Pre-registration is required for all classes on the schedule & closes 1 hour before class start time. Walk-ins will not be accepted for in-studio classes due to space limitations.  

Client Cancellation/No Show Policy (for all weekly classes):  Clients must cancel at least 2 hours before class start time to avoid forfeiture of class package session or $15 single-class fee. Client class cancellations made prior to the 2 hour window will be restored to your package without forfeiture. For the $15 single class fee, a $5 cancellation charge applies & the remaining $10 will be refunded. Class cancellations made by Ever-Present Yoga will be fully refunded.

Client Cancellation/No Show Policy (for 4-week workshop series):  Payment commitment is for a 4-class series, partial refund will not be issued for any client-missed classes during series. Client cancellation prior to series start date will result in a refund minus $10 cancellation fee. Class cancellations made by Ever-Present Yoga will be fully refunded.

Weather Cancellations made by Ever-Present Yoga for Outdoor Classes:
For Ever-Present Flow, Baby & Me – announced by 7:30am & class will be moved indoors. Client will choose 1 of the following options at initial sign up:
1. To have the class credited back to 5-class package.
2. To receive a refund if paid the $15 single class fee.
3. To have the opportunity for a spot in the in-studio class at the Life Center at Savannah Inn. There are 6 spots available indoors & they will be filled based on earliest to latest received bookings of the park class. This will be communicated directly by Ever-Present Yoga & if a spot is unavailable, refund will be issued in accordance to points 1 & 2 above.
For Yoga for Kids – announced by 7:30am & the session will be restored to your class package or the $15 single class / $5 sibling fee will be refunded.

In-Studio Class Info:  Class capacity is 6 students. Please bring a mat to class. Masks are optional. Safety is a priority, so please stay home if feeling unwell. Windows will be open weather permitting, surfaces cleaned after every class. Please note attendance is always at your own risk.   

Outdoor Class Info:  Please bring your own mat & props (if needed), a beach towel is recommended for under your mat. Safety is a priority, so please stay home if feeling unwell. Please note attendance is always at your own risk. 

Tips For Zoom Classes
Supplies: Mat, comforts for Savasana (blanket, bolster/pillow), and a 4″ yoga block (optional)

Music: To make sure you hear me clearly I won’t have music playing, so have your favorite playlist ready to go!  All participants will be muted during class except for me, so no worries – your classmates won’t be able to hear any noise from your background.

Audio: Microphone icon, click to mute/unmute. Have your microphone unmuted when entering class so we can connect and chat for a few minutes starting. Then please mute your microphone once our practice starts.  Welcome to turn on again when class ends to check in before we sign off.

Video: Camera icon, click to start/stop video. Leaving it up to you if you want your camera on during class.  It’s great to see you and I’ll usually check in for a thumbs up sign but totally understand if you want to leave it off.

Let’s feel ever-connected and share our energy!